Delicious cocktails, roaring parties, groovy concerts mixed with a dash of culture.... that's how you know the BD CLUB. But hardly anyone knows what exactly is behind the BD. The club team is essentially a hodgepodge of different people, mainly students, the whole range of "finished" students like engineers or even doctors and also quite normal people who have saved themselves a study. With so many different tastes, the decision is often not easy, so we have not yet decided on a musical genre, but rather roam the entire range on our club evenings on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. We set highlights with various specials, which have already established themselves over time. These include our cocktail evening (every 3rd Tuesday of the month), but also international parties, cabaret evenings, Halloween, various theme evenings, where we spare no effort to project the respective flair onto the club premises and so on. Would you like to join in or have your own party at the BD CLUB? Then come along!


BD CLUB - Die Clubecke
BD CLUB - Die Tanzfläche mal anders
BD CLUB - Der Fahrradkeller
BD CLUB - Der Flur

September 2023

KW 37

70s & 80s

KW 38

Groove Progression