ILSC Kultur

Thu, 05. May. 2022 to Sat, 16. Jul. 2022
ILSC Kultur

It was quiet in our clubs for two years. But now we're back and bringing culture to the campus for you! Look forward to concerts, readings and shows in the beer garden between House C and D and at the Mensawiese.

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05.05.22 - Ehrenamtsfest

Between the performances of the AG Lichtscheu, an acro-yoga group, the Improtheater, a belly dance group and the musical performances, the clubs on our campus briefly introduce themselves on stage.

Frollein Motte:

"If it has to bang, it has to bang" - this motto is embodied by the HerzRock band Frollein Motte from Hamburg. HerzRock, because the rock band, which has been successful since 2007, now combines pulsating rock songs with soulful heart pop. Experience with us a concert in a captivating atmosphere that will surprise you.


16:30 Acro Yoga
17:15 Improtheater
18:00 Oriana - Bauchtanz
19:00 Konzert Frollein Motte
21:00 ILSC DJ Show

07.05.22 - Acoustics

Janis Dreilich 

He is one of the most successful newcomers in Thuringia, has already won the Thüringen-Grammy with his band and gives everything for you: In addition to cover songs from rock and pop, he presents his own titles in which his combination with jazz and blues ensures an extraordinary sound experience.

Christin Henkel:

The Munich composer is a universal talent: she composes orchestral, chamber and film music, sings, plays the piano and writes stories. All in all, this results in stage performances on a high musical level, which also brings out their humorous view of the world and their bigger and smaller problems. And now she is our guest!


Barbara Regnat (harp) and Christa Summerer (vocals) take what they need from the music and create their own - then classic goes with modern and traditional with rock music. A musical experience with an instrument that you don't see every day and certainly haven't heard that way before.


16:00 Janis Dreilich
18:00 Christine Henkel
20:00 Harfensang

14.05.22 - Ska und Reggae

DJ SoundCham

DJ Sir SoundCham, your DJ and Producer for Caribbean Music is born and raised in the Thuringian Germany and plays music since over 20 years . "one FI all" - that's the device of Mr Champain aka DJ SoundCham - Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Afrobeats n all styles around - "we push them right up!!!!".

Salome Fur

We will continue with Salome Fur in a similarly energetic way. They are bringing along their new album, “Scatter Lights”, whose songs scatter literally in all directions. Joy and variety are all that counts, and it’s worth listening: They connect their new sound to stories about miscellaneous things and make you escape to their own world.

Caramelo (Raggabund) & DJ Gonzalez

Don Caramelo is singer and co-founder of the Munich formation Raggabund. Together with his brother Paco Mendoza he has been supplying his broad audience with reggae, latin and dancehall beats for 20 years now. Countless concert tours through Europe, Latin America and Southeast Asia testify to the great resonance of their musical work. Caramelo gained his first experiences in the hip-hop scene, used to be part of the successful band Blumentopf and from the end of the 90s was the figurehead and frontman of the crossover band Les Babacools. Whether in Spanish, German or English, he playfully fuses the genres and creates a gripping atmosphere live. The trained graphic designer and illustrator is also gladly invited as a featured artist and recorded songs alongside well-known artists such as Gentleman, Orishas, ​​DJ Friction (Freundeskreis) or the Argentine matadors Karamelo Santo.

Argentinian DJ Gonzalez was born in Misiones and moved to Munich in the 2000s. His creative work is expressed in many ways. In addition to his work as a music producer and remixer, he is also active as a visual artist, radio host and label boss of Kumbale Records. With his party events and art exhibitions, he connects his audience with the colors, sounds and culture of Latin America. His motto: Respect the Roots, Love the Bass.

Entry for this evening is 2€ for students and 3€ normal.


16:00 DJ Sir SoundCham
18:00 Salome Fur
20:00 Caramelo (Raggabund) & DJ Gonzalez

19.05.22 - Ilmenauer Gaming Festival

In cooperation with Ilmenau-eSport, we invite you to the first gaming festival in Ilmenau. Playing the popular videao game “Rocket League”, where cars play football for honor and glory, 16 amateur teams battle for victory. Additionally, a panel discussion all around “e-sport and public benefit” will take place.


The video game coverband comes from Cologne and will interpret well-known soundtracks of popular video games in jazz, funk and rock arrangements on our stage. Particularly songs from Nintendo and Playstation games, but also from other game consoles are part of their repertoire, which is constantly replenished and adapted to the audience. And their next level starts between house C and D!


16:00 Quarterfinals
18:00 Panel discussion
18:30 Semifinals
19:30 Endgegner
20:30 Finals

28.05.22 - <bc> Clubgeburtstagsspecial

Max Fogerty & Band

They are recently founded and highly motivated - these four young people coming from the Erzgebirge are looking forward to rock the stage at the Mensawiese together with you. Oldies and rock songs from the last decades as well as smooth ballads are part of their repertoire. Come by and assure yourselves!


"bölter." stands for honest, handmade music. Independent, catchy and actually exactly how a lot of wood and little brass can sound: powerful and earthy.
In their songs, the three guys create a space in which everyone can feel their soul and be themselves. That's the great thing about music that comes from the gut.
Anyone who likes pop, blues rock and folk and likes to hear Neil Young, Stoppok, Udo Lindenberg or AnnenMayKantereit is in good hands with "bölter.".


17:00 Max Fogerty & Band
20:00 bölter.

30.06.22 - Ilmenauer Freiluft Slam

Open Mic

Now the stage is yours! So that the participation factor is not neglected at such an event, you are cordially invited to fill the beer garden with something creative, scientific, funny or poetic. You are Ilmenau, and we want to hear you.

Robert Gräfe

The Thuringian state champion in the Song Slam 2016 and 2019 has been fascinating with acoustic guitar art since 2014 and has amazed his audience again and again at the versatility of his instrument. With varied songs that reveal a wide range of musical influences, he turns listening into an experience.

Highslammer e.V.

Finally, we let the professionals do it: The club from Erfurt regularly organizes poetry slams and has also prepared a varied program for us.


16:00 Open Mic
18:00 Robert Gräfe
19:00 Freiluft Slam

02.07.22 - KuKo Sommertheater

In cooperation with the KuKo and the TheaterLeiterTheater, we welcome you to the first Ilmenau Summer Theater. The TheaterLeiterTheater welcomes you to our events with a classic theater performance of the play “Gretchen”.

Then in the evening, the improvisational theater IlmproKombinat presents the "Show of High Arts" in cooperation with Thomas Grysko from the Weimar ensemble Öde & Schriller and Steve Kußin from the improvisational theater group Rababakomplott from Jena.


16:00 Theaterleitertheater
18:00 Show of High Arts

14.07.22 - Literaturfestival

Ulf Annel

The Erfurt author and cabaret artist was born in 1955 and has been delighting audiences at the Erfurt cabaret “Die Arche” since 1981. As an author, he prefers to write about his homeland, which gives books such as “Gebrauchsanweisung für Thüringen” or “111 Orte in und um Erfurt, die man gesehen haben muss” passion and his refreshing sense of humour.

Katharina Nocun

As a publicist, she wants one thing above all: to make her readers think. With works about conspiracy theories, a book that discloses “Die Daten die ich rief” or her blog about the consequences of digitization and anti-democratic movements, she causes a sensation. "Kattascha" asks questions, represents her opinion and is also a well-known civil rights activist. This evening we will listen to excerpts from "True Facts".


They call themselves “business dilettantes”, come from Ilmenau and have a weakness for words and the beautiful things in life. They see it as their task to share that passion with you and us and to shape culture together. We look forward to their performance.


16:00 Ulf Annel
17:30 Katharina Nocun
19:00 Wordbeat

16.07.22 - ILSC Sommerfest

The highlight of our cultural program will be a summer festival at the Mensawiese - with a family morning, cultural program in the afternoon and a boisterous party in the evening, there is something for every taste. Entry is free.

Banana Jam

Banana Jam was founded by fellow students who, in addition to their studies, have one thing in common: MUSIC. Since 2017 they have been up to mischief in bars, clubs and flat shares in Ilmenau. They have covers and their own songs in their repertoire. The band consists of four members: Sunny as lead singer and keyboardist, Rasmus as guitarist and vocalist, Stelze on guitar/bass and backing vocalist and newcomer Koby on drums.


Must a man do what a man must do? Fuck that shit. Men, women and everyone in between can do whatever they want. No one has to bend over backwards, but prefer to smoke weed and listen to sad songs. Did BLINKER too, and then wrote and recorded his own again. Music that grabs you, shakes you up and then comes over with a cup of tea. The "Berliner by choice" went on a search for them and found what they were looking for on the dark side of the soul, because even the inner spirits have to have a say. While walls were previously there to be torn down, BLINKER has been examining the individual bricks since the beginning of 2018 to see how they can be put back together, because nobody wants to live in a damn ruin and wait for love.

"Blinker is a guy who played in guitar bands for ten years, but also watched '8 Mile' ten times and now makes music that sounds exactly like it," Blinker describes himself in an introduction video. As a result, he mixes indie Pop with reflective lyrics of the punk style: "Blinker comes from the heart and a little bit from the head. Unfortunately, I can't switch it off completely."


A Normal Day (October 8th, 2021, Radicalis Music) is the name of the debut album by the Swiss band Catalyst. The St. Gallen duo dedicates more than ten songs to energetic alternative rock, which is sometimes retro in the direction of Black Keys, sometimes timelessly indie like Johnossi and sometimes more modern à la Royal Blood. The band analogies are not chosen by chance, because like them Dominic Curseri and Ramon Wehrle limit themselves to vocals, guitar and drums. With their third release - after two EPs - they skillfully demonstrate that this minimalistic setup doesn't have to be expressed musically as well.


Alarmbaby writes songs about love and death, about riots and upheavals, about ecstasy, about sex and gummy bears. And lead singer Mary sings her heart out with every word. Her powerful voice is surrounded by thundering drums, Eighties-style electronics and hard guitar riffs that make her audience let go completely and just go crazy.

Mary's musical influences include Green Day, Queens of the Stone Age, Atari Teenage Riot, The Hives and Hole. So it is clear that the sound of Alarmbaby is also the soundtrack to the rebellion against the lived GenerationZ culture.

Party Night

At the end of the "summer of culture" we want to let it rip again. Celebrate with us one last time at the Mensawiese to the best party and fair hits of all time.


10:00 Family morning
13:00 Banana Jam
15:00 Blinker
17:00 Catalyst
19:00 Alarmbaby
21:00 Synchron